Ensure type uniformity of a collection in Laravel

— Sometimes, you may want to ensure that a collection in Laravel contains only a specific type of item. For instance, you may want to ensure that a collection contains only a string type of item. Or, you may want to ensure that a collection contains items of a specific class.

Mixing colors to create variants in CSS

— If you go to paint shops and show them a color that you want to buy and they don’t have the exact color, they will mix different colors to create the same color you want. This is how they create variants of colors.

Resume and pause animations in CSS

— I have been working with CSS for like 10+ years now and I have worked with CSS animations for a fair amount of time. But I didn’t know that you can pause and resume animations in CSS until recently.

Enable hover conditionally in CSS

— Setting up hover on elements in devices where hover is not supported (like mobiles, tablets…) can be overkill. For instance, if you have a navigation menu that has a hover effect on a desktop browser, you might want to disable that hover effect on mobile devices because there’s no hover support on mobile devices.

The best RSS reader for Linux

— Reading blogs is one of my favorite pastimes. As soon as I see an article from a blog that sparks interest in me, I’d instantly subscribe to it. And at this point, I have subscribed to more than 30 blogs and counting.