Allo! Allo! Thank you for stopping by here. I’m Amit, a software engineer residing in Surat, Gujarat, India, with a focus on creating apps for web as well as mobile devices.

I obtained my undergraduate degree from the Sarvajanik College Of Engineering & Technology, Surat (Computer Science and Engineering, 2011).

I love exploring new technologies and playing around with them. I first wrote code in third standard in Logo. I have started my professional web development journey building web apps using PHP and JavaScript. I have leveraged variety of MVC frameworks, the likes of Laravel to build dynamic web apps. In recent times, my interest shift towards JavaScript and more specifically towards server-side JavaScript. So, I’ve started to try my hands-on Node.js. Currently, I’m hacking into Electron React.

I’m currently working at Seepossible. In my spare time, I love to contribute to the open source community by creating tools which can be helpful to others, doing photography & sketching in my spare time, listening to some music which ranges from rock to sufi, going around with my beautiful wife and friends.

This blog has been setup using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. I have used Reverie jekyll theme to quickly set it up on GitHub Pages without setting up a local environment.

You can contact me at amit.d.merchant at gmail dot com if you want to discuss something with me or just want to say “Hi!”.

See you around and happy browsing!