Mock JSON API endpoints for Testing

— So, imagine a scenario where you’re working on a project that has its front end (or a mobile app) ready to consume data from the backend. But, the backend is not ready yet. How would you test your front end in this case?

Using Bright Data's scraping browser to Scrape Web Pages

— There comes a time when you need to scrape a website for data. For instance, you might want to scrape a website to get the list of all the products they have or you might want to scrape a website to get the list of all the blog posts they have. Or you just want to automate the process of scraping a website for data to make your life easier.

Global HTTP middleware in Laravel 10.x

— Sometimes when working with third-party APIs, there might be a need to add common headers to all the outgoing requests. For instance, you might want to add an Authorization header to all the outgoing requests to authenticate the requests.

Identify unused npm packages in your project

— If you’re working on a large codebase, chances are you might have installed a lot of npm packages in your project. And you might have used some of them just for the sake of trying them out. But, you might have forgotten to remove them from your package.json file.