Validating Laravel requests using rule objects

— Laravel comes with a multitude of ways to validate request parameters. For instance, you could use Illuminate\Http\Request’s validate method where you can specify all the fields that you would want to get validated inside controller’s action. You can do it like so.

Node.js vs Deno — A high-level comparison

— This is a high-level comparison between Node.js and Deno. This article will get updated regularly as Deno is still in its early days, so we might see some differentiating factors in the coming years. But for now, this is how both, Node.js and Deno, stand to each other.

Components with inline templates in Vue.js

— Vue.js has this handy feature where you can set the inline-template special attribute on the component and now the component can use its inner content as its template, rather than treating it as distributed content.