Make images clickable in Jekyll

— The blog that you’re on right now is built using Jekyll. So, the other day, I was looking for a way to make images clickable. If you’ve worked with Jekyll previously, you might be knowing that the classic way to insert an image in Jekyll is to use the following Markdown markup like so.

Immediately Invoked Function Expression in PHP

— Sometimes all you need is to define and call function at the same time and only once throughout the scope. Such functions are called as Immediately Invoke Function Expression (IIFE) also known as Self-Executing Anonymous Function.

Best VS Code Dark Themes - 2020 Edition

— Another year. Another run down of all the (Dark) themes for VS Code that I’m using in 2020. This time around, I’ve experimented with themes which are quite unusual but have vibrant aesthetics. I’m listing down all the themes down below for you to check out. Sit back and enjoy!