APA-style titles in Laravel

— APA-style titles are a specific type of title case that is used in academic papers, research reports, and journal articles. It’s a style that’s used by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is a variation of the title case.

This tool lets you generate slides/keynotes with AI

— If you’ve ever attempted to create a presentation, you know how much time it takes to create one. You have to think about the content, the design, and the flow of the presentation. And it’s not easy to create a presentation that’s engaging and informative at the same time.

Using abbreviations for long CSS properties in VS Code

— So, I just learned about this neat little trick in VS Code where you can use abbreviations for long CSS properties and it will automatically expand them into their full form. This is a built-in feature in VS Code and you don’t need to install any extension for this.

Using Google's Gemini AI in PHP

— Generative AI is all the rage these days. Many big players (OpenAI, Meta, Microsoft) have already launched their own AI models that can generate images, text, and even code. So, it’s only natural that Google has also joined the bandwagon and launched its own AI model called Gemini recently.