Textareas with auto-increasing height using CSS

— Textareas areas are great when it comes to accepting a large amount of text from the user. But, the problem with textareas is that they have a fixed height. So, if the user enters more text than the height of the text, the text will overflow and the user will have to scroll to see the rest of the text.

Built-in port forwarding in VS Code

— There are a lot of tools like ngrok that let you expose your local server to the internet. But did you know VS Code has just got this feature in the form of port forwarding so that you don’t need to install any third-party tool to do this anymore?

Artisan command to generate views in Laravel

— Laravel has all kinds of Artisan commands to let you generate boilerplate code for your application. For instance, you can generate a controller, model, migration, and so on using the Artisan command. But, there was no command to generate views in Laravel until now.

Camel Humps in VS Code

— There are some things that you never know you need until someone tells you about them. For instance, Christoph Rumpel recently shared a handy little setting in PhpStorm called Camel Humps which allows you to navigate through the camel-cased class/variable names using the arrow keys.