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A Laravel macro for outputting possessive apostrophes correctly

Macros in Laravel are gifts that keep on giving. They let you extend the functionality of Laravel in a way that you can use them anywhere in your application.

So, I recently came across a tweet by Alex Garrett-Smith which shows a pretty handy macro using which you can output possessive apostrophes in Laravel.

Here’s the macro in question.

use Illuminate\Support\Str;

Str::macro('possessive', function ($string) {
    return $string . '\'' . (
        Str::endsWith($string, ['s', 'S']) ? '' : 's'

echo Str::possessive('Cherika'); // Cherika's
echo Str::possessive('James'); // James'

As you can see, the macro takes a string and appends an apostrophe (') to it. But, if the string ends with s or S, it doesn’t append the apostrophe.

That’s a pretty handy macro, isn’t it?

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