This blog is my playground

— I started this website to establish my web presence on the holy internet. I wanted to keep a portfolio of my projects and to blog about random stuff (very rarely). Back then, I was only used to post articles whenever I feel like. But then, something’s changed.

Using objects as arrays (with a real world example) in PHP

— Sometimes, it’s convenient when you could get to access class objects as arrays. For instance, the time when one of the class properties is of type array and you want to manipulate it just like you’d do with an array without exposing it during object creation. I’ve included a real world example of where this could be useful, at the end of the article. So, read on!

Multiselect-able configuration setting in Magento2

— The other day, there was a situation where I needed to implement a multiselect configuration setting in my Magento2 application. So, I thought of documenting the process. So, the scenario was to implement a setting which enlist all the product attribute set and all those can be multiselect-able. Here’s how I did it.