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Check if a PWA is opened as a standalone app or not

When working with Progressive Web Apps (PWA), there might be a case when you only want to show certain things when the website is in standalone mode.

What is the standalone mode?

When a PWA is installed on any supported computer, it can act like a native app and it can be opened just like how you would open a native app.

For instance, if your PWA is installed on an Android phone, it can be opened just like the native Android apps are opened. i.e. the PWA can have a different window, its own icon in the application launcher, etc. Also, there won’t be any address bar in this case.

So, I have been in the situation where I needed to show an “Install” button only when my Notepad PWA is opened in the browser and hide it when it’s opened in the standalone mode.

The CSS Way

Turns out, it can be easily achieved through the display-mode media query where it can check the display mode of an application.

So, for instance, if you want to apply a specific set of CSS in the standalone mode, you can do it like so.

@media all and (display-mode: standalone) {
  .install-button {
    display: none;

As you can tell, in this example, I’m making the install button hidden when my PWA is in the standalone mode.

Tracking Display Mode Transitions

Now, this can only check the display-mode when the application is loaded. What if you want to track when the PWA is going into standalone mode and do things accordingly?

Well, this can be achieved using Window.matchMedia() method where you can pass the media query string (in our case (display-mode: standalone)) and setting an event listener onto it like so.

    .matchMedia('(display-mode: standalone)')
    .addEventListener('change', ({ matches }) => {
        if (matches) {
        } else {

Now, this will track the transition of the website’s display mode (From browser to standalone for instance) and will do things accordingly.

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