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A browser to take cleaner screenshots of websites

Many times when sharing screenshots of websites, I would like to show the website loaded in the browser but at the same time, I don’t want to show all the clutter that comes with the browser like the toolbar, tabs, extensions, etc.

While there are many third-party tools that can do this, I have recently stumbled upon an app (or rather a browser) that makes it damn simple.

This app called Confectionery (Mac-only for now) is a tweaked version of the Chromium browser that takes out all the clutter I mentioned about leaving you only with an address bar.

So, when you load a website, there will only be the website address and the content of the website loaded in the browser. Bare minimum to take clean screenshots!

Here’s an example. loaded in Confectionery

And here’s another example. loaded in Confectionery

As you can tell, the screenshots here look quite clean, pristine, and distraction-free and it’s something I would prefer while sharing screenshots of websites online.

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