The native ad blocker in Chrome you don't know about

You must have come across websites which have gone overboard in terms of number of advertisement on them. Let’s face it. Ads make user’s experience not so pleasurable and if they are over the top you might want to leave it as soon as possible. Possible solution to mitigate this is to install Adblocker extensions and get rid of ads but what if I tell you there’s an ad blocker built right into Chrome deep inside? Well, it’s not straight forward one but if you want a quick “Ad-blocker”, it can get you covered.

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Supercharge array operations using Set in JavaScript

Working with Arrays in JavaScript is sometimes painful as there aren’t a lot of native functions/methods available to carry out common operations on arrays. For instance, an operation as simple as removing an element from an array takes a lot of amount of code. Check this.

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Process model records in chunks in Laravel

In this tweet, Freek Van der Herten explains how to process chunk of records from a model instead of loading all of them at a time which can help using less memory. Learn more about it in the article.
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Rate limit route requests in Laravel

As backend developers, to make our web application full proof we need to make sure our application is running as efficiently as possible all the time. Otherwise, everyone using your database will suffer from slow performance. API limiting, which is also known as rate limiting, is an essential component of Internet security, as DoS attacks can tank a server with unlimited API requests.

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A look into Getters and Setters in JavaScript

There are always multiple ways of doing things. Programming is no different. For instance, in JavaScript, what would you do if you want to get the property of an object running some operation before returning it? Take this example.

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A deep dive into Generators in PHP

Have you ever stuck in a situation where the code that you’ve wrote uses foreach to iterate over a set of data into an array and which ultimately caused you to exceed a memory? Well, I’ve been to. Many times.

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