Asynchronous for loops in JavaScript

There are several ways to iterate over things in JavaScript. Most notable way is to use loops. Loop constructs includes for, forEach, do...while, while, and for...of. All these constructs loops over synchronous iterables such as arrays, objects, strings etc.

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Multiselect-able configuration setting in Magento2

The other day, there was a situation where I needed to implement a multiselect configuration setting in my Magento2 application. So, I thought of documenting the process. So, the scenario was to implement a setting which enlist all the product attribute set and all those can be multiselect-able. Here’s how I did it.

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Type checking props using PropTypes in React

JavaScript is not a statically typed language. A language is a statically typed if the type of a variable is known at compile-time instead of at run-time. Common examples of statically-typed languages include Java, C, C++, Swift, Kotlin and Scala.

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Premature optimization is dangerous

Working with PHP, it would be pretty obvious you’d be worried about the performance of your application. And because of this anxiety, you start to optimize trivial things such as replacing double quotes(“) to single quotes(‘), use echo instead of print_r, or using static methods in order to gain those little performance gains during the initial few days of your application development itself. Optimizing these thigs is good and all.

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