This is why PHP don't have multiple inheritance

PHP has evolved greatly as a language over years. From a simple functional scripting language which initially started by Rasmus Lerdorf as his hobby project to supporting object oriented programming features PHP has come a long way. Although, PHP has been implementing and improving features of object oriented programming in its every release, there is this one feature which is missing and I’ve always wondered why it is not there in PHP all these years. Yes, I’m talking about multiple inheritance.

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Why you should use Laravel Queues

There comes times when you wouldn’t want your end users staring at white screens or that intimidating loaders for a long time. For instance when user registers to your site, you must have configured your website to send a welcome email or a confirmation email upon registering. So, that operation should be snappy and for that purpose you’d actually want to reduce the amount of time your app takes while sending the email to the user. Laravel Queues comes to the recue for achieving such kind of time consuming tasks.

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5 must have things for your Jekyll powered blog

Let’s talk about Jekyll today. Jekyll is a blog aware, static website generator which is perfect for personal, project and organization sites. I’ve been using Jekyll for this blog for quite sometime now. Three years to be exact. And the best thing about Jekyll is that you can host it on GitHub Pages for free without compromising the speed or any other factors likewise.

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Top fetaures of PHP 7.3

PHP development team has just released PHP 7.3 with general availability. This release brings general improvements along with some new features. Even though this is a stable release, the team hasn’t provided concrete migration guide if you want to migrate from the older PHP versions. Maybe they will release those on a later date.

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My current setup (2018 edition)

Today’s the day when I’m finally going to write about the current setup of things that I used to get my work done. This will include what software, hardware, accessories I’m using on daily basis at home/work.

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Array destructuring in PHP

Folks who are familiar with the JavaScript’s ES6 may very well aware of the destructuring feature which allows us to extract data from arrays, objects, maps and sets. For instance, Using ES6 way, we can assign the top level variables of the objects to local variables using destructuring like below:

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The ideal Git workflow

Today, I’m going to discuss about Git workflow that we’re using at our projects which involves a team of several developers. Git is no doubt a great version control system but if you don’t use it efficiently, things can get messy easily. For instance, if there are 10 people working on the same codebase and each of them work on the same branch, it would be really difficult to keep the branch’s state clean. So, here’s a workflow which we follow in all our projects. The workflow is could work great for big teams but small teams can also get benefited from it equally.

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