Laravel - Accessors & Mutators

Accessors and mutators allow you to format Eloquent attribute values when you retrieve or set them on model instances. I’ll explain how you can you use them into your app.

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Laravel Eager Loading - load() Vs. with()

Today, while working with one of my projects(which is built on top Laravel) I bumped into the situation where I needed to get associated model’s data for one of the models. So here, I had two approaches in Laravel to accomplish this which are basically called Eager Loading:

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Building a simple offline-capable Notepad app using ServiceWorker

Today, We are going to build a progressive Notepad app which can very well be used in offline mode, be responsive on all available devices and which saves the content locally on device. So, the core functionality of this Notepad here is to make it work offline. To fulfill this requirement, we’ll use ServiceWorkers which I’m going to cover next.

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Getting started with Electron

Have you ever wanted to develop desktop apps while being a true web developer without even caring about the native architecture or the language most of the applications build for different platforms likes of Windows, macOS or Linux? Or you just wanted to get started with building desktop apps? Isn’t it great if you are able to build desktop apps using the technologies you already knows i.e. HTML, JavaScript and CSS? I was in the same urge to dive into world of desktop apps. So, I have been stuck on to GitHub’s Electron lately.

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Hello world!

Hey guys, this is my first post after setting up my blog with Jekyll. I will update my blog more than often from now onwards.

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