How to include HTML files in Jekyll

— Sometimes, there comes a scenario where you would need to extract some part of the html so that you can use it across different areas of your site without repeating the same markup all over places.

A Beautiful Dream

— Today, I had the most amazing dreams of my life. So, the dream starts like this. For some reason, I got a chance to go back in time.

This experimental CSS Overview feature of Chrome is awesome

— The Chrome browser is one of the widely used web browsers by developers. The DevTools it bundles within is mature and ahead of its competition. But there are certain features that Chrome Developers don’t expose explicitly. Rather, you’d have to look out for those features by digging deep inside the settings.

The mixed type of PHP 8

— Up until now, or precisely before PHP 8, whenever you were unsure about which type to use for the propperty or return type, you’d leave it without assigning any type. And if you’re using an IDE such as PhpStorm, the docBlock would mark those properties as mixed type like so.