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Make function parameters required in vanilla JavaScript

July 14, 2020 ·

You might be aware of how to set default values for function parameters in JavaScript. For instance, if you want to set the default value for a parameter, you can do it like so.

function say(message='Hi') {

say(); // 'Hi'
say(undefined); // 'Hi'
say('Hello'); // 'Hello'

This is fine. But do you know there’s a trick using which you can make function parameters required?

I came to know about this trick while reading 7 Useful JavaScript Tricks. So, according to this, there would be a function that would just throw a standard error and you can further assign this function to the function parameter like so.

const isRequired = () => {
    throw new Error('param is required');

const hello = (name = isRequired()) => {
    console.log(`hello ${name}`)

This makes the parameter name required. Meaning, it will throw an error if the parameter is left empty or assigned undefined like so.

// This will throw an error because no name is provided

// This will also throw an error

// These are good!

This is pretty useful and comes handy at times!

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