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Bookmark frequently used folders in Ubuntu

I’ve been an ardent Linux user for quite some time now. Especially the Ubuntu flavor. And one of the things that I love about Ubuntu is that it’s very customizable.

You can customize almost everything in Ubuntu. And one of the things that you can customize is the sidebar in the file manager.

The one thing that I always do working with Ubuntu is to bookmark the frequently used folders in the sidebar. This way, I can easily access them without having to navigate to the folder every time. Also, this can come in handy if the folders are deeply nested.

Here’s how you can bookmark frequently used folders in Ubuntu.

Bookmark folders Ubuntu

As you can tell, to bookmark a folder, all you need is to drag the target folder to the sidebar. The sidebar would show you the drop target as “New bookmark” where you can drop the desired folder.

And that’s it! you can even rename bookmarks without changing the name of the folder.

As I have heard, you can do the same in file managers of macOS and Windows as well as all the Linux distributions that uses GNOME under the hood.

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