Happy 30th dear web!

I fell in love with you the moment I discovered you. I still remember, you and I were still in our teens at that time. Whenever I searched you, you served me unconditionally. And even though we weren’t matured enough, our love still grown.. gradually. Call it “Love at first site” or “Love over time”, it will remain between us for an eternity..

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Packages to make your Laravel development experience awesome.

While developing applications(not necessarily with Laravel), you come across the situation where you need to implement certain functionality. In such cases you shouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel if the functionality is been implemented by someone as a package, accepted well by the community and is ready to be consumed. It’s a no-brainer. I use to follow the same approach and today in this article, I’m going to list out some of my favorite Laravel packages which have made my experience with development in Laravel delicious.

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Best VS Code themes - January 2019

Editor themes are like wallpapers. You get bored of the current one and want to try out something new every now and then. You’ll think you’d settle down to one but that won’t happen (at least in my case).

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This is why PHP don't have multiple inheritance

PHP has evolved greatly as a language over years. From a simple functional scripting language which initially started by Rasmus Lerdorf as his hobby project to supporting object oriented programming features PHP has come a long way. Although, PHP has been implementing and improving features of object oriented programming in its every release, there is this one feature which is missing and I’ve always wondered why it is not there in PHP all these years. Yes, I’m talking about multiple inheritance.

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Why you should use Laravel Queues

There comes times when you wouldn’t want your end users staring at white screens or that intimidating loaders for a long time. For instance when user registers to your site, you must have configured your website to send a welcome email or a confirmation email upon registering. So, that operation should be snappy and for that purpose you’d actually want to reduce the amount of time your app takes while sending the email to the user. Laravel Queues comes to the recue for achieving such kind of time consuming tasks.

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