How to group where constraints in Laravel Eloquent

Amit Merchant · August 10, 2020 ·

When writing MySQL queries, if there are more than two where conditions, you’d want to group certain constraints/conditions to avoid unexpected behavior. For instance, check the following query.

select * from books 
        where author_name = 'JK Rowling' 
        and rating > 4 
        or genre = 'fiction';

Here, if we don’t specifically mention how the and and or conditions should get evaluated, we might get unexpected results. So, we must explicitly determine their order and for that and in MySQL, we can use parenthesis to achieve this.

If we want to determine if rating > 4 or genre = 'fiction' in the previous query should get evaluated first, we can do it using parenthesis like so.

select * from books 
        where author_name = 'JK Rowling' 
        and (rating > 4 or genre = 'fiction');

We can achieve a similar thing in Eloquent as well. For this, we can pass in a Closure into the where method of Eloquent where we can further set the constraints which want to be grouped. So, if we want to write the previous query using Eloquent, we can do it like so.

$books = Book::where('author_name', '=', 'JK Rowling')
           ->where(function ($query) {
               $query->where('rating', '>', 4)
                     ->orWhere('genre', '=', 'fiction');

As you can see here, we passed in a Closure to the where condition which will receive a query builder instance $query on which we can add more constraints which will be contained within the parenthesis group.

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