A little known artisan command that can inspire you

Amit Merchant · January 19, 2021 ·

While working on your codebase, be it developing features for your application or fixing bugs, we all tend to get a little bit demotivated sometimes in the middle of those sessions. Because after all, we are all humans and we all need some kind of inspiration every now and then.

If you tend to work with a Laravel codebase, there’s good news on this front. Laravel comes shipped with this little known artisan command (an easter egg?) that can “inspire” you… well, almost!

The artisan inspire command

Yes, the artisan inspire command, as its name suggests, can present you with a motivational/inspirational quote from famous personalities every time you run it.

$ php artisan inspire

Below is a screenshot of my terminal when I ran this command a couple of times.

A much-needed inspiration right in your terminal! Yes, I like it!

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